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Our digital weight loss spreadsheet planner has everything you need to plan, track, and succeed on your journey towards a healthier you.
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When you sign up, here is what you will discover:

✔All-in-one tool for all your health needs.
✔Accessible on any device for convenience and flexibility.
✔Download and access your planner instantly.
✔Start at any point in the year with undated features.
✔Stay motivated and consistent with detailed tracking and personalized guidance. 
✔Gain deep insights into your health journey.
✔Celebrate your success with before and after photos.
✔Track progress with interactive charts and graphs.
✔Detailed instructions to guide you.
✔Easily navigate through your phone.
✔Dashboard summarizes your most important information.
✔Grocery list to simplify shopping based on your meal plans.
✔Automatic calculations for workout plans, and nutrition tracking.
✔Flexible and personalized - copy and paste any tab according to your needs.
✔All your fitness data in one place.
✔Data Analysis and Insights for a deeper understanding of your fitness journey.
✔Goal Setting tabs to set and achieve big goals.
✔Workout Tracking to log and monitor sessions.
✔Effortless meal planning for a simple and enjoyable routine.
✔2 VERSION according to your needs: GOOGLE SHEET or EXEL.
✔FREE  health tips ebook
✔Vibrant color options to suit your style.

✔You can add Reminders to never miss a step in your wellness routine.
✔Calorie Tracking to monitor and manage intake.
✔Habit Tracking to form and track healthy habits.
✔Seamless navigation from your phone for an effortless health journey.
✔Celebrate achievements with progress tracking tools.
✔Comprehensive READ ME TAB - Clear instructions to maximize usability Precise.
✔Sleep tracker.
✔Body measurement tracker.
✔Automatic calculations for workout plans, weight loss goals, and nutrition tracking.
✔Dynamic Workout Calendar for effective fitness scheduling.
✔Flexible weight units - choose from kg(kilograms), lbs(pounds), and st(stones).
✔Custom height units - choose from cm(centimeters), in(inches), and ft in(feet & inches).
✔Automated graphs for visualizing progress.
✔Streamlined grocery shopping with an automated list from your meal plan.
✔Personalized start and goal dates for tailored planning.
✔Individualized start and goal weights for targeted progress.
✔Dynamic chart updates for real-time tracking.
✔Dedicated goal-setting section for focused achievement.

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Customer  reviews 

Aley Holan

Mar 6,  2024

I love how detailed it is and I have definitely found it easier to keep up with my body changes, exercise, and food choices.


Mar 6, 2024

It's a really great tracker for fitness, meals, and weight loss as a whole. It has many sections and details but is very easy to understand and fill in. Great product!


Mar 4, 2024

Very complete. Everything you need to keep track of your fitness in one sheet.

Christal Fr

Feb 29, 2024

Great tracker. I should be able to stay more focused being able to see everything in one place.

Dawn Munall

Feb 25, 2024

Very happy with my purchase. This has really helped me keep track of my weight loss and kept me on tip of my goals in fitness

Bree Z

Feb 19, 2024

This was an easy download and SOOOO user friendly! It has everything. Seriously, buy this download if you like being in control of your journey and like the tangibility of your own progress!

Capture d’écran 2024-02-26 141502.png__PID:b4f8e179-4964-4d61-bee0-8f196bff5fc5